Net Meter

Install solar PV now without FIT incentives
Rising power costs and political legislation from a climate change agenda is driving installation of new solar PV systems. With the FIT program ending soon it is no longer necessary to go through this tedious points driven application program. Grid parity makes installing distributed solar generation with a simplified approval process a profitable investment now. With net metered solar, generated power is consumed locally reducing the utility bill. Any surplus power is exported to the grid. Properly sized, the annual utility payment is zero with a savings on what would otherwise been spent to purchase power

OEB Rates
Cost of power continues to increase far faster than inflation
Depending on the time of use, grid parity makes solar PV cheaper than grid power purchase

Net Meter - How it works
With a net metered solar system, a simple application is made to the LDC (local distribution company) which installs a bi-directional meter. Generated solar power is consumed locally with any excess power exported to the grid and recorded as a credit on the LDC meter. On a system that is sized to exceed annual energy usage, credits exceed purchased power cost for a net zero payment. NRGpilot records energy and dollars for generation, use and grid buy/credit. Use NRGpilot to detect problems with the system, verify correct utility billing and calculate investment payback.

Net Meter Power Flow
NRGpilot Features - NetMeter Power Flow