ANALYZER - Event Log

What Happened?
Diagnose hard to find Intermittent problems like a periodic inverter shutdown from a voltage sag using the 30 day inverter log. Reconstruct all conditions every 10 minutes to determine what caused the problem. Engage remotely located external experts to assist in suggesting corrective action using the online log. Restore operation faster to minimize generation revenue loss.

Problem - maintenance staff left the AC disconnect off after leaving the site
  1. ANALYZER - Equipment Log. Select time interval from emailed alarm message
  2. Diagnose cause of outage from inverter values
  3. Dispatch technician to reclose the disconnect minimizing revenue loss
Inverter Log Alarm
Compare output from 2 inverters under identical conditions.
Detect performance issues like dirty panels, shading or faulty equipment.
  1. Analyzer-Equipment Log-Compare
  2. Select matching time periods
  3. Review all inverter values at that moment
Inverter Log Alarm