Data Download

Access Data
Lifetime data for each system is maintained on the Cachelan servers. It is available to owners for download. Use the GUI to pick a time period and manually transfer energy values for performance analysis in a spreadsheet. It is possible to connect a data feed to other systems with server to server XML data exchange. Contact Cachelan for connection details if this capability is required.

Manual - GUI web interface
Download GUI
Automatic - XML server to server
Server to Server

Download Log Files
Data logs for each inverter are available separately. Select a time period and inverter to download a CSV format file from NRGpilot™ with no programming skills required. Time-stamped values can be imported into a spreadsheet for comparison, graphing and further analysis. Owners that want to archive data on their own computers can periodically download files for future use.

Download data file for any time period

Add a live plug-in to your website
Each site comes with downloadable HTML code to allow the easy insertion of a live plugin to a website. Customers have used this to explain how their renewable energy initiatives are working. Alternatively, read live data values from the server directly and insert into a custom graphic for tracking energy.